Delivery amounts doubled

I setup a delivery for 8 Cheap Jewelry and 8 Expensive Jewelry. At 50 per box, I would expect 400 of each to be delivered. However, 800 of each was delivered.

The same for Cheap Gifts and Expensive gifts. I also received double the amounts needed.

Just a note, I only paid for the amounts that I ordered, so I basically got 50% off.

Both of these are with normal Delivery Contracts. I have not tested the Warehouse features yet. Still working towards that.

Hello! Can’t reproduce your bug. Have you checked that you only have one delivery contract set up? If so, could you please share your savegame?

Ok, stupid question, but where do I get the save game?

Is not stupid at all! If you’re on Windows, it should be inside %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Hovgaard Games\Big Ambitions, there you’ll have to find the Alpha 10 folder and inside the folder with the name of your savegame, there should be a .json file. That’s the save game!

Nam 3.json (1.3 MB)
Here you go.

Hi @Namennaj

Found the bug. It was actually the inventory list calculating the wrong stock count. It will be fixed later today in Build 482.

Thanks for reporting!

Happy to help!