Deliveries from stores are broken in beta 7 (1371)

I have seen several reports of this and experienced it myself finally. In the newest branch of beta 7, you do not receive deliveries that you have ordered from stores (like appliance store deliveries). No notifications or errors, just nothing. And if you call them back, they still claim they have a pending order, even when it’s way past due.



So, I have noticed some interesting situations on this issue.

The first time, as Dave wrote, that I ordered items by phone nothing arrived. I waited 3/4 days, cancelled the order and opened my position again. Order placed again, next day it arrived (Idea).

New order placed at the luxury supply shop, nothing arrived. I spent another 2/3 days and cancelled the order. I tried to activate the order again, still nothing.

A few days later I opened positions in two separate shops (Supplies Shop). Everything arrived without any problems. As I had forgotten a couple of items I opened purchase positions again. This time, unfortunately, everything died. Now, in fact, if I open a purchase position by phone … absolutely nothing comes in.

Of course you can remedy this the old-fashioned way, you get a truck and go!
Good times … Although hellish as hell when you have gigantic shops.

(When I say “days” I obviously mean “game days”).


i have same problem but it only seems to happen “atleast in my case” if i save the game and load it later

when i start new game it works until i save it


MickeyJ, first of all welcome!

Thanks for giving us your experience.
I hadn’t actually tried to open a new save.


Interesting - it sounds like both of your “solutions” require a fresh location for it to work. As soon as the save data gets involved, things fail. That info might definitely be useful for the devs! Hopefully we can make one of these new, big bugs go away :smiley:


Joko fixed this in build 1373 :partying_face: