Debug system / Small coffie machine / Pedestrians / IKEA :)

Hi! Firstable!

It’s great to see number 9 that early :slight_smile: Good job!

I think I found few issues

  1. Debug system - I cannot open it, I push F2 and nothing, I try to open it by mouse and also nothing

  2. Small cofie machine - nothing is happening, I put one coffie machine in food restaurant but nobody is using it, look like its disabled or something /// Its only for office, my bad!

  3. Pedestrians - they are no longer from titanium, but right now they are just standing in the middle of road and doing nothing

  4. IKEA - I had problems with buing stuff ( small coffie machine ) It was impossible to grab it, I had to order it from store manager

That’s it for now!

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Some of those sound like little bugs for sure. However, regarding number 2: The small coffee machine is for the office Employee demands or for home use, not for selling to customers.

The small coffee machine is for the office

Ok, Sorry then :sweat_smile: