Cyber café

It would be good a cyber cafe business, where you could also add a new mechanism that is the cost of electricity, where apart from having to invest in the computer equipment would be to pay the consumption of electricity generated by these (apart from the other businesses that would also have consumption but to a lesser extent). You could have two types of pc’s, the low-mid gamma with a cost of 10 dollars an hour and the high gamma 15 dollars an hour. We could also generate profits from the sale of food and beverages. New foods could be added such as snacks and food:

*Chocolate bars
*Juice bars
*Energy drinks
*Nachos with cheese

Another mechanism (as mentioned in comments on another post) to provide maintenance to refrigerators and in this case the pc, hiring new type of employee that would provide this depending on the district that is assigned through a headquarters. Also that this type of business would be more in demand for example in Garment District and Hell’s Kitchen where there is more lower-middle class.


Hey there !
Since I had the same idea and found your suggestion, I’ll come here to share.
Really like the idea of having a cyber cafe but I would put the focus more on the gaming aspect :

  • Console
  • PC
  • Board games ?
  • Different Chairs for gaming with different price (Normal / Medium / VIP rates)

Of course the Cyber Cafe can also sell what you have proposed, but I would rather focus on that gaming aspect , the fact that the hours are different since people might tend to come by night to play alone or with others.

Cheers and thanks for this suggestion :slight_smile:


I was thinking about adding consoles too, but I didn’t know if in other parts of the world, like Latin America, it was common to have consoles in cyber cafes. I also like the chairs and board games, hopefully if they add cyber cafe’s it will also be with your suggestions :smiley:

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