Custom Handtruck spawn area

Here I am working on setting up my new Restaurant Kitchen, but the Handtruck parks itself in that corner every time I re-enter the store.

I’d love to be able to “Designate” a Handtruck parking area in each place.

I think a cool fix would be a transparent hand truck icon you could paint on the floor like the floor, but obviously on top of the existing texture, to tell the hand truck where to spawn.

I’ve gone ahead and created 2 PNG’s you are welcome to use if you want, I just created those in photoshop.


I noticed the same thing in a similar store. I also noticed that if you move the handtruck, place a counter or something there, next time you enter the store, the handtruck spawns inside the counter - you are still able to grab it and use it, but obviously, not the most ideal thing.

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Thank you for the efforts RawX! Everyone, make sure to hit the vote button if you like suggestions :slight_smile:

@Gerwanese we got this?

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Now we got it, reported two separate bugs:

Implemented in beta 8 :partying_face:

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