Create service center - and use the employees in several places

I have searched the forum, and find a lot about bonus, more employee types, splitting up cleaners etc. - so I don’t think this has been described before - although I think many have thought of the idea.

Together with HR, Purchasing, etc., it could be smart to have a “Service Center”

The service center should provide the opportunity to:

  • Could hire cleaning staff centrally, and use them in several different businesses. (it doesn’t make sense to have 10 cleaners for 10 small shops). ← all shops have a square meter number, this could for example be equal to the number of minutes for cleaning, that way you could sit and plan the cleaners. and then there could automatically be e.g. 30min transport between each location. that way you can’t save everyone, but it becomes more realistic.
    78m2 = 78 min is perhaps realistic, but 1,000m2 = 1,000min = 16 hours and 40 minutes (here it could be possible to buy a better “cleaning station” which halved the time, so that cleaning could perhaps be done in half the time.
  • Possibility of being able to “shadow build” new stores. as it is now it can easily take a week in the game to drive around and pick up inventory, set it up, fix etc. and small deliveries at a time also make it take a long time. If you could “shadow build” - such that you furnish the entire store with a “blueprint”, and then the “Service Center” could be responsible for purchasing, collecting, setting up and preparing the store for you. this would be good. But so that it does not remove the charm from the game, you could say that each thing that is set up “costs” 30 minutes, so that if you set up a shop with 100 things, it takes 50 hours - before you are notified that the shop is ready. (which is 5-6 working days in game).
  • enter into agreements with employment agency - regarding cover in the event of illness. Partly to save money in case of illness - but you could also choose the “quality” of the temporary workers you want. For example, skill 25-49 price 1 dollar/h - skill 50 to 74 2 dollar/h and skill 75+ 4 dollar/h

Here is another topic, about splitting op the cleaners:

Good ideas! I’m going to merge this one with the cleaning post mostly because the other two elements are already either in-game or on the roadmap!

This is already handled by HR - they provide temp workers to cover sick workers

Blue prints are also already on the road map!

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Hi David

Regarding for handling sick, I didn’t think my proposal was similar to what is in the game. (unless there is a function I have not seen).
In the game, HR automatically covers illness - but in my idea, I would like to be able to choose whether I want a cheap one with medium quality, or an expensive one with good quality to cover.

and in relation to blurprint, where do you see it?

Is it in “EARLY ACCESS 0.3” - with copy paste?
Where you think there is also the possibility of being able to “decorate” and then get others to carry out the task.
As I read it, it is only about being able to copy your stores - unless there is a place where the roadmap points are specified? because then I haven’t read it.

That’s fair - another reason is that multiple suggestions in one post don’t work for the upvoting because then we don’t know what suggestion the votes are being made for. For instance, the cleaning stuff is very highly requested, as is the interior manager discussion.

You’re right that the roadmap blueprints are only copy/paste, but for an interior Manager type employee that decorates, that has been requested/discussed here:

Interior Manager / Decorator - Feature Suggestions - Big Ambitions Community (

That’s true, HR replaces the person based on who they are placing. If they are replacing a low-skilled person, you’ll get a low-skilled replacement. But if you want to make a post specifically about being able to request that, you can!