Crashes while loading saved game

When i try to open my saved game it won’t load more the 80% and then the game crash.

I can’t start a new game…

What to do??? :frowning:

Some people are having trouble loading their game with the newest update due to some new things we added to make things run better with large saved-games.

The devs are working on a proper fix, but for now, if you delete the “lib_burst_generated.dll” file from the game, it seems that has helped the game load properly for many people!

And how do i do that??

On steam, if you right-click on the game and go to properties, it will bring up a menu. From there click on “Local Files” and then “Browse”.

That should bring up an explorer window for your computer. In there, just search for lib_burst_generated.dll

And then delete that file when you find it!