The game does not load, to explain it better: it loads, it says it has loaded but the Big Ambitions home screen remains, you can hear the sounds in the background, but I can not do anything just close it forcibly, realizing that the UnityCrashHandler is also active. Please I have 60 hours of gameplay … I paid for the silver version. Thank you.

Sounds like your savegame file got a bug in it, which is preventing it from loading anymore. :frowning:

You could try loading an earlier “recovery save” to see if the recovery was prior to the bug. Hopefully that works!

Hello! Can you send us your savegame (or savegames if you have more than one)?

Inside " %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Hovgaard Games\Big Ambitions\SaveGames" you’ll have one folder per savegame. We only need the .hsg with the savegame name (recover saves not needed)

If you don’t want to share it on the forum, feel free to send it to [email protected]!