Corrupted save games detected

Hello everyone,
I haven’t played Big Ambitions for about 3 months and I wanted to play again but when I load any game I get the following: “Corrupted saved games have been detected”

A help please, the game has more than 30 hours.

Thanks friends

Do you remember what version you were playing in? Did you play EA 0.2, or back in EA 0.1? Unfortunately, several patches and updates have happened since then, and if your saved game because several updates old, it might not be able to load up!

Hi David,
My last saved game is from “March 29, 2023”.
I do not understand when updating the video game corrupts a saved game.
What I can do?

Since it’s in the Early Access process, with each update there are changes to how things are handled with the data, plus there are new items, designs, outfits, buildings, businesses, props, etc. So far, we’ve been able to include compatibility updates to bring previous saves into the next versions, however, once your game is several versions old, there can sometimes be a disconnect like this. What is in the old, saved game file is not what the game is currently looking for.

But also in EA 0.2 there have been so many changes since then to balancing, pricing, employee and customer demands, and other things that didn’t exist in your old game. It would probably be easiest to start again, especially with the update coming out next week!