Conglomerates, Brands and PR

Let us make a conglomerate like Alphabet, Amazon or Nestlé, with multi layered parent companies and subsidaries.
And please let us have Brands. You could make a real fast food chain like McDonalds for example and this could have a reputation system, that increases customer count for every shop by a percentage (and advertisment could affect the whole brand). Or it could also lead to decrease, caused by people boycotting it, when you do illegal stuff, thus making it a bit challenging if you earn less than you spend.
This would give opportunity to have to do counter measures like closing the less profitable stores, firing workers that get fixed salary or even selling a building.

You could also add something like urban development (free city wifi, investing in public transport), that would make your brand more popular.


I agree! EA 0.4 should be bringing that type of thing with “Franchise/chain support”

Roadmap - Big Ambitions (

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