Complaint to Mersaidi about their "auto park" on S500

Hello dear Mersaidi customer service!

I bought from your company a wonderful Mersaidi S500. It’s beautiful, comfortable, fast (too fast, why you have so bad brakes ?!!!) BUT your “auto park” feature is a LIE!

As you can see on this photographs sometimes the auto parking don’t want to work! And the most common place is just under my apartment… really annoying since I park there every day…

I think this is not acceptable for a luxurious brand like yours ! My next car will be a BM-Double-U !

(Sorry for this, just wanted to report a minor bug I encounter with some humor :sweat_smile:)

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Your first screenshot seems to be due to this bug: Parking illegal round 3rd Ave outdoor seating area · Issue #142 · hovgaardgames/bigambitions · GitHub
So Mersaidi isn’t to blame there, because the city simply forgot to allow parking in this spot. :slight_smile:

The second screenshot however seems to be a software glitch on Mersaidi’s side, parking is allowed there.