Company relocation

Hello !

I suggest you a game mecanic of company relocation. When I played, i had a fast food company in a small office. I bought a new office, bigger, and want to move the company to the new office, but actually to do that we must create a new company, rename the old company, move the employes to the new company, move by hand the stuffs and merchandises, do the planning again, shipping order again, lot of things who could be easier done with a relocation system.

The idea is to have a “relocation” button on the settings tab of a company, just over the button to close a business, who permit the player to choose on the map where the company will move. Like as the shipping, the player must pay $1000 for each 20 box of stuff, the "relocation " system will calculate the amount of $$$ the player must pay to move the company, and the new place must have enough shelfs to receive the stuff. Planning and shipping orders will not be affected, and when “relocation” is finished, the player must install the furniture.


would be usefull

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