Combining Businesses

Any roadmap ideas on combining businesses together? This might already a functionality in the game that I haven’t found out about yet…

Would love to have multiple businesses in one. Like having a coffee / gift shop that sells coffee, but a section of the store also allows for gift shopping.

A jewelry store, and on the other side is a clothing boutique. Separated by an archway.

Maybe even a clothing store that sells coffee.

Etc etc.

You can already do that:

Can I sell different products in my store, other then the primary products linked to my specific business type?

You can sell any retail product in any retail store. This means you can sell flowers in your gift store or even clothing. The difference is, that your sales of those secondary items will not be that much as your primary products of the business type you selected for your store. BUT they can be a nice side income for your business and a great opportunity to maximize sales and profit.

Source: Steam Community :: Guide :: A Little Guidance for your Big Ambitions