Cleaning Issues and Suggestions

The current cleaning system is very annoying to use. The biggest issue I have is that it’s very difficult to see what’s actually dirty so I find myself clicking randomly until I get 100%. It’s also annoying that the notification about needing to clean doesn’t disappear until it’s 100% clean because it’s a huge waste of time clicking randomly for 1% just to get rid of a notification. There’s also the issue that hiring someone to just clean is unrealistic because business hire cleaning companies to clean for them, they don’t employ cleaners themselves. Lastly, I think there’s a bug when assigning employees to clean in the schedule (perhaps it’s just an issue with the scheduling system in general) but I find that I can’t assign someone to clean (or to any job) unless I can assign them for an 8 hour slot and then I have to shrink the time slot down to the time I want.

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