Character is buggy when moving

Hey so my character takes a little while before it lets me move, and even after that it is just slow FPS.
I first tried it on my laptop with an NVIDIA Quadro K2000M, at the lowest graphics setting, i think it is like 10 FPS. I also tried it on a very new laptop with an NVIDIA RTX 2070 MaxQ or something like that, still about 10 FPS. Is there something i am doing wrong? both times i had it on the lowest settings. the game is unplayable for me currently, is this just the game or is it a bug?

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Hi @kotykd, can you tell more details about the new laptop? CPU and RAM would be helpful.
Generally you can’t expect a great performance on a laptop, although the game should get some optimization later on.

this is why i originally put my post in bugs. seems as though it’s ‘a work in progress’ kind of thing. i see some improvements on the hiding of buildings. seems these things will have a way of working themselves out the more Jonas and the team optimizes things. seems to be a bit ‘more’ work that we as players may notice.

I also use a laptop. I hope optimization for laptops will appear sooner or later.

I think it is 16GB of RAM, and 10th gen i7. Oh and the GPU is 8GB of vram

I run a laptop with an 8GB RTX 3070 Max-Q and 16GB RAM, the only difference being an 11th gen I7 and I’m not encountering any issues even with max settings, have you checked your power profile (if you’re on power saving, or on battery, windows typically likes to use the IGPU in the laptop.)

One way you can force it is do this:

Because of differences in some laptops, this guide is pretty long, but detailed, you should be able to do what you need with it.

1! First you need to locate the “executable” for the game. The easiest way to do this is to go to the games age in your steam library > gear icon > manage > browse local files

2! click on the address bar in the middle of the top of the screen and copy the address.

3! Type GPU into windows search > open Graphics Settings > (drop down) Desktop App > browse.

It should open file explorer.

4! Click on the middle bar, make sure the text is highlighted > paste >double click “bigambitions.exe”> in the highlighted box press options

It should then prompt you with 3 options;

Let Windows Decide (Toggled by default)
Power saving (with the name of your IGPU, in my case it’s “GPU: Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics”, with yours being an older CPU yours will diffrent likely “Intel(R) Iris(R) UHD Graphics”)
High Performance (GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU)

If your high performance gpu does not say something similar to the above you are in a power saving power plan (as I just discovered after leaving my laptop in “Silent” mode), if it does, then click the high performance option. Then save.

5! If you left the game open, close it then reopen, it should now work.

If your laptop is in a power saving plan;

If your laptop is in a power saving plan, we need to change what plan. depending on your manufactuer the plans may differ.

First, type power plan into windows search, select “Choose a power plan”

In the standard setting you will see (if you have a dell, lenovo or other non gaming specific brand) you’ll see:

Let windows decide (default)

Power Saving


Max [something]

ICR the max bit, since my laptop doesn’t have these settings. but you’ll want to max it when plugged in and power saving when not plugged in. Your computer will revert back these settings sometimes, so having a good idea on locating these settings is a good idea.

If you have an asus laptop (like mine) and I assume most gaming laptops will have similar settings, this is what you’ll see;



Asus (or other brand) Recommended


For the best gaming experience you’ll want turbo, though note, it’s the noisiest and most heat intensive setting.

If you have an ASUS TUF device, these settings can be ignored.

You can simply do this:
Press the wierd button on your keyboard or type in Armoury Crate into search and wait for it to load.

Update it if it prompts you to and restart your laptop.

If you restart make sure you open armoury crate again.

Click Turbo or Performance. (performance keeps it at standard speed, whereas turbo keeps it faster for longer at the expense of using more 'lectricity, louder fans and more heat output) Both of these will activate your DGPU.

After all that, go back to step 4 and finish what you started.

That’s that, it should force your laptop to use the dgpu, if that don’t fix it, then I’m sorry.

There’s a note in my 3rd reply.

Also, you can check you have up-to-date graphics drivers by comparing your version number and the latest from nvidia’s website, or by downloading their app; (PS I’m linking the uk site, but if you replace “” with “.com” it should take you to your regional variant (if it hasn’t already) it’ll give you the option for both there.)

Sometimes devices launch with buggy drivers, so always check every so often (if you have the app, there is an update when the nvidia icon has a weird icon in the system tray. image .

Forgot to mention in these, if you change your power profile, you’ll need to close and open the gpu settings in settings again as it needs to be done to reflect the changes you made.