Casino Wins not counting to Net Worth?

My current Uncle Jack aim is to reach Net Worth of 50mill+, but my Net Worth seems to be stuck on a lower amount even though I’ve won $ at the Casino and since invested this into the bank and purchased property and boats with it.

Is there a fix to this? It’s kinda frustrating.

Illegal gambling winnings do not count toward your net worth, correct. You need to earn the money through your businesses!

Illegal? o.o

I didn’t know gambling was illegal lol… Guess that makes sense then

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That’s why you have to go to international waters in the middle of the night! :smiley:

Funny idea - with it being illegal

However, I thought it should be more clear - I hadn’t seen it was illegal either.

Agreed - I’ve already put on the list for the Persona Net Worth section to get updated to be more clear about a few things, so hopefully that happens!