Casino Wins / Not counting in the Achievement in 0.3?

Hi there,

For some reason it feels to me as if my casino earnings do not count towards the “Win x money in the casino” achievement anymore, since updating to 0.3.

I was playing around and trying to make sense of it but I couldn’t get it. That one night I even paused my Imports because I wasn’t sure if maybe that is subtracting from my casino earnings.

Does someone else has seen this or am I missing something? The Achievement progress (based on Steam) is still stuck at the value I had earned prior to 0.3

Best regards

That value includes wins and loses, so your (winnings - loses) needs to exceed that amount.

So I’ve just started a fresh game in 0.3 and on there my wins in the casino do count towards the achievement.

Something is messed up with the 0.2 savegame that I have converted. I will use the ingame report button - not sure if that submits my savegame and gives you more to investigate. But I’m certain it is not counting any wins, subtracting the losses obviously, on my converted 0.2 savegame towards the achievement

Did you send the file? I’m not seeing the bug report.

Most likely, you have lost at gambling a few times, and your overall winnings are negative (or, at least, not as high as you’re expecting them to be), which is why you’re not seeing the achievement.