Casino return bug

First of all amazing game.
I am having this issue where my character spawns in a sitting position. As if he is driving a car.
This happens every time I return back from the Casino (boat trip).
The character is stucked in that position, and I am unable to navigate around.

My temporary fix is to “save and quit” game, and eventually restart.

Ok. So this happens when you play the slot machines in the casino, while the pop up message appears (the one that says it ends). It has happened to me continuously.

Here is how to replicate.
Go to the casino boat and play any slot machine just before pop up message (before 6 am).

Hello! Thank you for the report! And thank you very much for the replication steps, helped a lot on finding the solution!

It will be fixed in the EA 0.1 build 1714! :partying_face:

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