Casino/Leisure Activities

I think that there should be leisure activities that the player can do, so that it feels like there is a reason for the money that we are earning other than furthering our financial goals. A casino that players can go to to spend their hard earned cash sounds pretty fun to me


It would also be good to be able to run your own casino. Bumping this

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I immediately imagined a Riverboat Casino, and I love the idea.

And as HandyAndy said

It would be interesting to be able to own and participate in them!

Potential Endgame Activities: Public/Private Places/Activities, Luxuries, & Philanthropy

  • Public/Private Places/Activities:

    • Local Government Buildings to visit: City Hall, Court House, etc.

    • Major Research University Campus (Columbia University or NYU inspired)

    • Event Venues: Sports Arena (Sporting Events, Concerts), Performing Arts Center (Madison Square Garden Inspired Arena)

    • Natural History, Science, & Art Museums

    • Public Library

    • Private Clubs: Marina/Yacht Club, Golf Course/Country Club, Other Private Club

    • Premier Auction House (Art & Collectibles) (Christie‚Äôs and Sotheby‚Äôs Inspired)

    • Horse Racetrack and stable near the Casino (Grand Theft Auto 5 Diamond Casino Inspired)

    • Community/Charitable Services: City Food Bank, Youth Center, Homeless Shelter, Free Medical Clinic, Church, etc.

  • Luxuries:

    • Purchase and/or Rent Luxury Apartments (Penthouses) or Homes/Mansions

    • Purchase and/or Rent Luxury Cars (~$250K+ Lamborghini or Ferrari Inspired, ~$50K-$100K BMW/Mercedes Inspired)

    • Hire a Personal Driver and/or Limo Service

    • Purchase and/or Rent Private Jets (Small $5 million, Medium $10-$20 Million, Large $50+ million)

    • Purchase and/or Rent Luxury Yachts (Small $1 million, Medium $5 Million, Large $10+ million)

    • Purchase Art & Collectibles (Paintings, Antique Furniture, Classic Cars, Collectible Coins, Watches, Weapons, Books, Hunting Trophies, Rare wine Vintages, etc.) at a Premier Auction House (Sotheby‚Äôs or Christie‚Äôs Inspired)

    • Purchase Memberships to Exclusive Clubs (Country Club, Yacht Club, etc.)

    • Purchase a Major Sports Team/Franchise (~$50-$250+ million)

    • Purchase Horses

  • Philanthropy:

    • Setup a Charitable Foundation that Invests money and distributes it as charitable grants.

    • Donate to and/or Setup Operating Charities.

    • Potential Operating Charities: City Food Bank, Youth Center, Homeless Shelter, Free Medical Clinic, Church, etc.

    • Donate to Local Museum, Library, University, etc. (Get to Put Name on Building)