"Casino Exploit: Disabled saving on Casino Boat" - Change Suggestion


I looked over the roadmap and saw the header mentioned planned change for EA 0.2 and I was wondering instead of disabling people from saving their game while in the casino, wouldn’t it be better to handle the exploit by just generating a random seed string when entering the casino and then using that seed string to generate gamble outcomes? In that way even if you save and reload, the gambling result will be the same, so people can’t exploit it but still be able to save in the casino :slight_smile:

Love the game, keep up the amazing work <3

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The only problem with that is, if the seed is same, people will know the outcome, so even though it’s a bit more cumbersome, people will still be able to exploit it, by betting really low on bad hands, and then really high on assured winners. If its done for the roulette, that could pose the same problem?

I will say though, i too love the game <3

Hmmm I guess you’re right. But then again if people really want to exploit they will always find a way, and since it’s a singleplayer game why not let them if they really want to that badly? :slight_smile:
In any case I just think it’s a shame putting a hard limit on saving in the casino, but I guess it probably wont make that much of a difference.

Exactly - this could make it worse as you just memorize the best play through trial-and-error.

That is one side of it. On the other hand, some people really feel like it ruins the experience. We’ve got to find a balance that fixes the issue without hindering other players too much. All this feedback does help us understand what the community wants!

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That is definitely true! But, in my opinion, cheating would undermine the spirit of the game and make the effort feel like it was for nothing, when the “optimal” playstyle is cheating in the casino.

You do gain money from the casino, but it doesn’t count toward your net worth, so there’s something there, but you’re right, lots of people have commented like this, so there’s definitely a balance that’s needed.

Yea I get you :slight_smile:
I feel the same way. I just thought it’s a shame you wont be able to save your game in the casino. But then again, I don’t really use it anyway :smiley:

The casino is in international waters… who cares if a player cheeses their way to riches. I think the best solution is to have an option to turn it on or off (the ability to save or not inside the casino).

That’s an interesting option, that could potentially satisfy both side

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A way of changing this could be to only allow auto saving and if the game is closed or in the event the console/computer loses power, time fast forwards after logging back in as if you spent the night on the boat. Could also have a way of increasing happiness as if you played a bit more and got drinks/food/had fun. Could also give you back 1k as if you won that during the time before the boat returned. I would think it would be better to have this instead of flat out removing the ability to save such as if you won a ton of money only for there to be a power surge and you lose all your money and load before getting on the boat…