Car Flipping or de spawning

Hi, so i have had this problem since starting.

when i work on the till, my car will flip over outside. if i am in the store for a few hours, it is normally outside but upside down. if i am in the store all day, it will be gone.

i have only had this happen when working on the till in any of my shops.
i have had 2 cars, and both of them, no matter where they are on the map, will flip over.

before the last update, if my car was gone, i could save and re load, and the car would be there, but since beta 6, i have to load the previous save.

the only thing i can see is that my parked car obstructs an NPC car that then flips it out, and eventually de spawns.

i have used a few choice words at this bug, but have just stoped working on the till now. lol

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Oh yes, this fun bug! This issue is known to the devs, and should be fixed in the next patch - they actually already fixed the issue, I believe, but it hasn’t been uploaded yet! In the meantime, the issue seems to be isolated to when you use “fast forward” while assigned to a cash register/checkout. If you timemachine to the end of your shift instead, you should be safe!