Capacity limit for sales

Capacity Suggestion !

It would be nice if the merchandise limit in stores was not based on the size of the building but on the number of cash registers installed.

The Gift stores, florists, grocery stores, etc. in a 1000m2 building; i’ll be honest, when you have met the basic requirements, your store is not being used to its full capacity. You used half of the store capacity.

I suggest that each cash registers gives the same amount as an actual 75m2 building.
Ex: Gift Store

  • 2x Cheap gift
  • 2X Expensive gift
  • 1x Soda

So if i have 3 cash registers, i can add:

  • 6x cheap gift
  • 6x Expensive gift
  • 3x soda

Of course if you use only one cash register, you will not be penalized even if you got a 75m2 or 1000m2 building.

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I think the size of the building being the limiter makes sense for things like fire-safety codes. The size (and number of exits, etc) determine what is legally the maximum number of people you can bring into a location.

Although it would be interesting if you could slightly increase this number with extra safety features - add a fire extinguisher to the wall, and you can have another 10% customer limit or something.

Regarding not filling up the building, though, just in case you didn’t know - you can sell anything at any retail store, it just won’t do as well as it would at its proper store. Meaning, if you have a gift shop and you’ve maxed out your cheap/expensive gifts, you could throw in some flowers, jewelry, etc. to fill up the rest of the space while earning some nice, extra income!

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We can sell anything at any store 0.0 Damn man Really ? its so nice to know then !


Well yes … :smiley:

I’ve never liked the building size limits the way they are. I’d like to see volume based on physical usable space with a penalty for shelve spacing. Example you cram as many shelves in the space as possible without making the customer squeeze through aisles. (That’s where the penalty comes in) It’s never made sense to me that to increase revenue you just add random unrelated products instead of adding more relevant products. For example I’m selling frozen foods in my fast food joints and wine in my jewelry stores.
But I haven’t suggested it because that would likely be a complete rework for the Dev’s.