Cant progress

My game is at day 30 and after i get my first order to my warehouse i can no longer see what new objectives i have to do to progress the game, my biz phone has disappeared.

also i am not able to load my original save file it gets to 100% loaded and stays and that screen but i can hear the in game sounds

Hmm, that doesn’t sound good - sounds like some things might be broken! If you could submit an F2 bug report, I’ll check it out (just put From the Forums “Can’t Progress” as the caption, so I know it’s related to this post!).

f2 bug report has been submitted

I see it, but that was a new game, correct (since you can’t load the original save?). I thought you still were able to access the broken save. But if that one won’t load at all, the save might be corrupted. You could try loading a recovery save, though.

Instead of hitting “continue”, you could try to click “Load”, then pushing the button to show “recovery saves”, then you could try to load one of the recovery/auto-saves. Perhaps one of those will still load.

okay so I was able to load a recovery file, and again when i verify my first order to my warehouse i complete the objective and it slides off the screen, i can hear a sound of a new objective list but nothing pops up so I don’t know what I need to do next to progress

If you can reload the save again prior to completing the warehouse objective, and then submit a bug report from there, then I can see the broken file and perhaps see if there is a chance to save it!

i have sent another bug report right before the bug happens

Okay - so the issue is that you have two broken employees “Tommy Green” is listed as a Logistics Manager at a cash register, and “Elise Green” thinks she has two sets of Customer Service skill.

I fired both of those employees BEFORE entering the warehouse and then things proceed as normal.

Edit to add: I also tested saving it afterward and loading, and that worked as well, so I think you should be good after this!