Can't enter building if placing something on the door

I bought a larger home and figured I’d buy some furniture for it, however it seems that upon entering the house with a handtruck filled with office chairs and went to place it in house I was ejected from the house, standing on the curb with the chair I was to place in my hands.

Guess your not allowed to place office furniture in residental buildings?

I was not able to re-enter the house, even when I placed the chair back into the Van I was still unable to re-enter my new home… Restarting game did not fix it either.
CannotEnterHome.json (5.3 MB)

It seems that the handtruck is parked too close to the door. Here’s the savegame with the handtruck moved a bit:
CannotEnterHome.json (5.3 MB)

Updating the title. We definitely need to fix that :face_with_monocle:

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