Cannot save business changes while paused

Not entirely sure if this is a bug or intended, but there’s no error message or anything either.

When the in-game time is paused, it seems you can change your business logo, but you cannot save changes to your business name.

Since I’m here already, there’s pause funkyness with item storage as well. You cannot interact with handtrucks when the game is paused, but if you “manage inventory” first and then pause the game, you will be able to keep going back and take out new items to place all while the game is still paused.

While we are on the subject, you can also get out-and in vehicles when paused.

This is not related to the game being paused, but that there are two different save buttons - one for the logo and a separate one for the business name. However, this is already being addressed in EA 0.2 " * Bizman Settings: Improve double save-button UI"

This one is about your position prior to pressing pause. In order to interact with the handtruck cargo, you need to be in front of the handtruck. So if you are behind it (pushing it) and press pause, you are not in position to interact with the cargo. If you are in front of the handtruck before pressing pause, you should be able to interact with it.

True, you can get out of the vehicle, but cannot move until unpausing. Also, I don’t believe you can get back in until you unpause.

Thanks for the explanation! This makes sense, although it does feel a bit clunky. I feel like there has to be a way to make the process a bit more streamlined and more intuitive, but I’m not sure how exactly right now.

Agreed, and this feedback definitely helps the devs see what areas need more clarification! And regarding the double save, that one should be fixed in EA 0.2 “Bizman Settings: Improve double save-button UI”.

True indeed but is still quite odd IMO. You would expect everything to be still, except maybe the phone apps.

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