Cannot put goods into car with Forklift

Every time when I try to place goods into the car with a Forklift it displays an error

Note: If you drop a pallet, the goods will disappear from it and leaving a non movable object (obstacle).

I @Ampire, we had a bugfix regarding the forklift yesterday. Can you check whether the bug is fixed for you now?

Hi @Gerwanese, the issue still persists.

Additionally noticed this issue a partially back “Can enter WholeSaleStore at any time during closed hours”, but now only the window appears.

Why are you attempting to load a rigid van and trailer from the side? try it from the back where the doors are :slight_smile:

I tried, but took the screenshot so the available space can be seen)

Transferred this to Github:

Ignore my previous comment, I have now encountered the bug also

It was working fine for me but now it constantly says not enough space (truck is empty)