Can we share content for the development of Big Ambitions?

Can we share content through this medium for game development? Not for profit!

For example, if I create a 3D object (vehicles, buildings, furniture, etc.)… can I share it for you? Trying to have the style as faithful as possible to the format of the game.

Or for example, I could model a missing part of the city and you could take care of the rest or something… as a “help”.

I would love it, honestly :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it is understood correctly…

That there is a kind of “steam workshop” but in early access outside of “steam”.
That it be this way or another without any problem.

Is it possible to organize something like this?

Sorry for so many messages … must be at full speed ! Best regards!

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Currently the game is not open for mods in the Steam Workshop, but it seems very likely that it will be added later down the line for things like player mods!

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Sure, I understand that and that’s great… But I mean if from here (now / currently) on this platform, we can send you (now) “Blender” files or “assets”, “scripts” etc… Not to add them to the game as such but to give you a hand. In addition to creating ideas or concepts in words, we can teach you something more visual and you can access these files.
I think it would be interesting for you to count on it.

For example, I want to show you an idea in this site that consists in adding more vehicles (for example), I would like in that case to show you something that I made (in my case or someone else’s) and that you can access to download it and (if it is good, or you like it, or you are interested) complete it and add it to the game. Do you know what I mean?
I mean, community labor for you now / for free.

Or if someone wants to show you a script for the game and you can see if you want to implement it or not…

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I do understand, unfortunately, that’s not something that’s feasible right now. But we’re excited that the community is wanting to be so involved!

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Ahh okok, I understand! Well, thank you very much David!