Buying/eating at our own business

Hi there, if this feature is suggested/implemented, sorry - couldn’t find it.

When I own a restaurant or any business which sells food or drinks, I would like to buy/use these drinks/food myself as the boss to fulfill my energy bar. Currently I need to go to restaurant next to mine if I want to eat even the same type of food or I cannot find a way to do this at my own place.

There could be an option to decide (as a boss) if we want to pay normal price (which we set in BizMan for customers) or pay just the market/wholesale price for the product itself.

I think the first point would be easy to implement because it’s just allowing to place order at our own business as a normal customer.

One more idea would be to be able to sit at a restaurant or any chair/bench, because now when we buy something we must eat it on foot while NPC’s can sit and eat normally.

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Good idea - best idea would be to add your comment to this thread and upvote. The more upvotes a suggestion has, the more the devs know people want it!

Buy goods in your own store - Feature Suggestions - Big Ambitions Community (

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