Buying buildings?

Real estate doesnt work, not a single building is for sale, or am i doing something wrong?

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Should be working…unless you got some weird bug.

Every day, just a few buildings go “on sale”. The easiest way to find them is to click on the Business Insider, go to the Real Estate tab, and click the toggle to only show the buildings on sale. You’ll have to tab between all four districts to see all the options.

However, you can still send an offer to any building even if it’s not “on sale”. Maybe they accept it, maybe they reject it - even if you offer a lot. Just click on a building, and open it in “Bizman”, then on the Real Estate Tab at the top-left, click the button to make an offer!

Yes you are right, but as far as i see not usefull, bought a building for 37 million and making 666 a day on it…lol

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Roger that - that’s not a bug then, but it is a balancing issue that many people are agreeing with you on!