Buildings and Vehicles DLC

Hello team. I bought the gold version and I have a small question: What are the 2 dlcs (Vehicles and building) please ? Do you have you already an idea of ​​the content? Thank you very much. Your game is very cool.

The information about the DLCs should be coming within a couple months from the devs. All we know at this point is that the DLC will come out sometime after the full game is released!

Hello, I bought the silver version at $29.99, but I really like this game. I would like to upgrade to the gold version!! Can you tell me if I have to buy the gold version at $39.99 or if I could have the version for $10? Will my backup be available if I change version?

Once again, Big Ambitions is a great game with a lot of possibilities and a great future!

Thanks !!

To upgrade Big Ambitions from Silver to Gold ($9.99), use the following URL. Make sure to order using the same email address!

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thank you very much !

Quick question: I just bought the upgrade from silver to gold (with the same Humble account so also the same mail adress) through that link. So how do I now get the Upgrade to work? It seems that nothing has happened (no update or anything in Steam nor in the game itself). It does show up in Humble in my purchases, but that’s it.

Superdave answered that question for me. (No doubt with Fugi’s help;) But the dlc’s won’t be available until sometime after launch.

You are correct, and it is available to all gold members - to access it, the information is on the discord server, accessible to those with the “gold member” tag!”