Building Layouts

Hey y’all,
I’ve noticed through playing that most of the properties you buy will be different. Other than size, same sized properties have different layouts. Therefore I bought a bunch of properties and put together this thread for all of you. Below you will find the building layouts and other information for retail, office, and warehouse spaces that are currently implement in Alpha 10. Not sure if building types B, E, F, G are implemented yet but this is based on all purchasable property I had in game. Lastly you can see the type of building when you are about to rent the property. Enjoy and I hope this can help with purchasing the perfect store for you!

A Buildings:
75 meters squared
Small Shops
Retail ONLY

A1 Building Layout:

A2 Building Layout:

C Buildings:
225 meters squared
Good for medium shop or small market
Can be used as small HQ or Lawfirm

C1 Building Layout:

C2 Building Layout:

D Buildings:
285 meters squared
Good for large shop/markets

D1 Building Layout

D2 Building Layout

J/K Building
Good for Lawfirm/HQ
Offices ONLY

J1 Building Layout
285 squared meters

K1 Building Layout
660 squared meters

H/I Buildings:
Good for warehouses
Warehouses ONLY

H1 Building
690 Square Meters

I1 Building Layout
1292 Square meters


Thanks for sharing this!

I wonder if it would make sense to also add this to the in-game help system?


@jhovgaard yes, this is something I have been wanting.
Having all the building sizes and types in the help guide.
Also the building capacity.
Like, is it a 15 customer per hour building, or 30 customer per hour?
This is information you only get AFTER you rent it…
Also the warehouse.
I figured that if a warehouse is about 600 square meters, it has 1 car slot, if it’s over 1000, it has 2 car slots.

The game has too much “learning by doing”, in my oppinion.
On many occations I’m saving and testing to figure stuff out.


Absolutely should

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I agree, it seems like suitable information

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