Build 139 - 2 bugs

when you have 3 registers or servers desks the 3rd column gets cut off. also employees with same name are difficult to tell if you got them on a different register or shift. or assigning an employee twice. please make it so one assignment can be done at a time for employees. same names is ok but as long as we are assigning employees that arent already assigned.

1920/1080 screen resolution.

Hi @larwin41, thank you for the report.

The first issue is reported on Github already: More than two workplaces in one business will cause the additional places to be out of the screen. · Issue #328 · hovgaardgames/bigambitions-public · GitHub
For the second one could argue whether it’s a bug or not, however I see the problem with identifying the correct person so I just transferred it to Github as well: Impossible to distinguish between employees with same name · Issue #444 · hovgaardgames/bigambitions-public · GitHub

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thank you. Jonas and the rest of you guys are doing great.

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Both bugs have been fixed in the meantime, closing here.