Bugs/QoL prior to Early Access release

Since the Early Access release is rapidly approaching, I decided to compile a list of bugs that I am aware of that still exist and /QoL features that could help




  • District overlays don’t extend over the roads to the buildings on the other side of the roads (District Overlays don't extend all the way)
  • If you assign/change a Logistics Manager, it doesn’t update the smaller list version of the person’s name (Slow display update: Logistics Manager Assignment)
  • No warning if a warehouse delivery to a retail store is unable to be completed. (https://forum.bigambitionsgame.com/t/no-warning-if-store-shelves-are-full/1433_
  • The game doesn’t indicate how much real estate you own, (would be nice per district).
  • The game doesn’t indicate how many employees you have (although you can see that by doing a “mass employee action” to everyone)
  • Bizman Businesses should be searchable like in the newer dropdown menus
  • It might be good to put the customer capacity of an object prior to buying/placing it, so you know how many to buy.

Uncle Fred:

  • Uncle Fred Objective to create Law Firm incorrectly identifies your new apartment as your office
  • Uncle Fred claims he will pay your first month’s rent, but he only pays the rent for day 2.
  • Uncle Fred should probably mention building traffic to the player “Without lots of traffic, you won’t have any customers”. It seems lots of new players don’t realize how important traffic is.

Roadmap indicates a future fix:

  • Employee Benefits should hopefully fix: There is no warning before someone retires or resigns (other than manually watching their ages and satisfaction). The worst is when this happens to a Logistics Manager or Purchasing Agent and you have to recreate their imports/deliveries from memory.
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