Bug with the clothing store in French version

I encountered a bug with the clothing store in French Version.
Indeed, the clothes racks do not make it possible to display, when one wants to choose what type of clothes they must wear, the full name of said clothes when the language of the game is in French.
In English, no worries, the text is fully displayed in the small window. In French, only a few words are displayed, the rest of the text is not displayed, making it impossible to choose the type of clothing other than modern or classic, the rest not being readable.
It would therefore be necessary either to enlarge the window for displaying the text, or to reduce the size of the text, or to allow a display on several lines.

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I tested a simple solution that works pretty well, even if it’s not perfect: replace the word “Vêtements” by “Habits” (other word for clothes in french) in the language file (Big Ambitions_Data > StreamingAssets > locale > fr.json).
As the word “Habits” is shorter, it does not switch to the second line and therefore leaves space for the rest of the text.
Also, by switching words “hommes” and “femmes” with “modernes” and “classiques”, texts become readables.
So, see below How I have optimize the fr.json file:

  "itemname_classicexpensivefemaleclothing": "Habits chers femmes classiques",
  "itemname_modernexpensivefemaleclothing": "Habits chers femmes modernes",
  "itemname_classicexpensivemaleclothing": "Habits chers hommes classiques",
  "itemname_modernexpensivemaleclothing": "Habits chers hommes modernes",
  "itemname_classiccheapfemaleclothing": "Habits bon marché femmes classiques",
  "itemname_moderncheapfemaleclothing": "Habits bon marché femmes modernes",
  "itemname_classiccheapmaleclothing": "Habits bon marché hommes classiques",
  "itemname_moderncheapmaleclothing": "Habits bon marché hommes modernes",

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For EA 0.2 this is on the agenda. :slight_smile:

  • Optimize UI for all languages
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