Bug where you can buy things for free

Hi, I don’t know where to post bug reports, so I’m putting it here.

So, I found a bug where you can buy 4 items for only the price of 1 (at least at the food shop/supermarket).

The bug I found is, I put only 1 Fresh Food in my cart and pay for it, and then I can put 3 more Fresh Food into my cart, and go outside the supermarket without having to pay for the 3 others (and even if I wanted, I can’t pay for items if there’s one already paid in my cart).
So basically, if you have atleast 1 item paid in your cart, you can have all the others added after that for free.

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Just moved this to bugs category although it’s an old one.

The bug was fixed already but is back now, see Shop: After paying it's possible to add more items and walk out without paying those · Issue #20 · hovgaardgames/bigambitions-public · GitHub

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FYI - still can do this in the first Alpha 6 build.

Bug has been fixed in the meantime.