Bug in repeated Import through Purchasing Agents

I believe there is a bug when buying/importing through the Purchasing Agents.

I have set all my Agents to make repeated purchase every 3’rd day.
I have made sure the total order value is above the minimum required for each Import/Export agency.
I get my first delivery, but they never repeat.

When I go back to the Purchasing Agent to check on the order, I see that the “Total order” value has dropped to a random value way below minimum required, even though product counters are unchanged.

The total price for each product is correct, but it’s like the total order value has a bug. It doesn’t show correct accumulated value.

So far this problem happens for any Agent that I assign to any Importer/exporter.

My temporary fix is to cancel order, and then reorder.

Here are some images for your viewing.
I think it shows and explains it better.

When you set an import delivery to be repeating, then that number becomes a target. You are saying you only want your store to have 300 cheap gifts total. But you already have 1600, which is more than 300, so it won’t attempt to deliver any.

The only thing it is trying to buy there is 869 bags paperbags, which totals only $52.

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Ohhh! That makes total sense xD I thought it was the amount it would continuously deliver. Like 45000 paperbags every 3rd day. You can consider this discussion closed.

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