Bug delivery in front of warehouse


When i have 18 items that have been delivered in front of my warehouse, i can’t reach the storage. I see the boxes but when I click on them, it’s empty.

It’s the first time that this bug occured, and it’s my fourth warehouse.

Thx for the amazing game anyway

Very weird! If you save and reload does that fix it for you?

No and it was the first bug of a long list. Now i can’t take a cab or open Voogle Maps app. I did the unstuck thing but it doesn’t work :confused:

That sounds like something broke… If you hit F2, hopefully the devs can see what’s wrong and fix it!

If you load one of your recover/autosaves, does that go back before the bug?

No i tried all the recovers … yeah i’m gonna do the F2 thing and see