Broken round (Built 153)

After buying my second business within a new round it seems like that my game within this round is pretty broken now, here a few things I saw.

  • Every time I enter or exit a building my outfit changes.
  • My character isn`t running anymore, only walking.
  • I can`t buy or interact with objects.
  • When I try to pick up the mop in my Gift shop, I don’t lift it, but I can’t leave the building because it say’s I have somethin in my hands.
  • I can’t enter my car.

I have no clue what the reason could be.

I’ll keep the savegame, maybe you’ll need it.

I had some of those same issues where and I couldn’t interact with anything (mop, car, objects). I was able to save, exit, reload and everything was fine again.

Not sure it’s directly related to the second business as my recent game has had 3 businesses going at once without issue, but perhaps it is. I had been rearranging my store’s appliances when it happened.

Didn’t have those issues, though. I didn’t know outfit changes were a thing yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interaction issues can happen when the game is set to double speed (this option will be removed in the future).
Besides that, I recommend to try the “Verify integrity of game file” option in Steam. We’ve had some broken installations already causing surprising issues.

If the problem still persists, I’d need the savegame to double check. The Player.log (same folder as the savegames) might help as well, but it has to be copied right after the problems occur, otherwise it will be overwritten.

Hi Gerwanese,

wo finde ich die von dir angesprochene Einstellung? :slight_smile:
Habe sie gerade gesucht und leider nicht gefunden.


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Bugs should be fixed in the meantime, please report again if it happens with new savegames.