Broadcast Studio

Broadcast Studio: TV/Youtube, Radio/Podcast


Why only have a business that gives you 2k x day if you can also be mr beast?

How would it work?

the more money you invest, the more visitors you would get? You could even enter an application and find out what people demand to create content like when you want to open a business in the game … or hire someone or employees to create content for you.

To have extra money xD

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This would be awesome


· Recruit various anchors such as game anchors and beauty anchors XD
· Need to divide small rooms in the office and arrange furniture according to the anchor type
· The anchor occasionally receives HUGE rewards from the RICH MAN(maybe simp XD)and players can obtain a portion of it
· When the anchor falls ill, the HR department cannot replace him

   Here are some of my fantasies that may be difficult to achieve, but we can maintain a spirit of exploration.If implemented, it would be very interesting~

· Each anchor has various abilities like Chatting ability, adaptability, psychological endurance,Developing these abilities can be difficult, but the numerical value of these abilities can greatly improve profitability
· When the various abilities of the anchor reach a certain value, they will become“Star Anchor”
· The “Star Anchor” can help promote players’ other stores, this will have a positive impact on the revenue of the promoted store
· The “Star Anchor” will send text messages to players during break time, for example, increasing salaries or adding live streaming equipment. If the player does not complete the requirements in a short period of time, it will reduce the satisfaction of the anchor

  I really like this game and I hope it has more and more content~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: