Blank Screen and W Key Is Not Functioned

I play Big Ambitions on my Asus TUF Gaming FX504 Series. I usually get blank screen (black colour) when click assign to work in supermarket and study in business school. Sometimes, the W key is not function. I have to click my mouse before the W key can be functioned.

I got another blank or black screen. The chronology is:

  1. I restarted my game.
  2. I tried to run my first gift shop.
  3. I bought paper bags and took these paper bag to my gift shop.
  4. On the way, the screen suddenly got blank screen but I still heard voice of cars and horns.
  5. I couldn’t use ctrl + alt + del to quit.
  6. I had to use power button to quit.

It never happens in my other games. I use Asus TUF Gaming FX504 Series.

Hi @AceMillennial

It sounds like some kind of driver issue, maybe memory-related. Can you check if your NVIDIA drivers are up to date (through Geforce Experience) and then see if you still experience it in the just-released Alpha 10?



The problem of the W not working sometimes gives me that too, but it’s quite a rare scenario. I thought I had a dirty keyboard, but actually after pressing a series of keys (including mouse) the problem is likely to occur.

I could also take a video (if it happens again), but I don’t think it would give the idea due to the fact that you can’t see my keyboard.