Blank blue screen when exiting buildings

When I have exited both my Apartment and the el gato food store, my game just turns to a blue screen, with the regular ui still visible. It also means I can not return to the main menu as it doesnt let me.

When that happens, are you able to get ESC and go to settings? If so, you can go to “Others” and click “Unstuck” and that might help.

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Oh, thank you. I didn’t try that!

Just happened again, clicking unstuck doesn’t work either.

Ooh yes the El Gato specific bug! We’re investigating this and trying to figure out what is causing it.

I’m guessing you worked your shift, and when you ended the shift, you were still in the El Gato uniform, instead of your own clothes, and then when you left, you got stuck? Anything specific happen that you can remember? It seems very random and difficult to reproduce consistently.

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I always bought food after my shift and would speed up the time for the first hour-ish of my shift and then time machine the rest. Other than that there’s been nothing too consistent. I haven’t glitched exiting any other buildings since the first time though.

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Closing this as the El Gato bug should be fixed now!