Big and Luxury Toys to buy, a Big Yatch, Helicopter, Private Jet

Because this games is a tycoon like and a role play game, need some expensive and luxury acquisitions to spend for status or goals in life like a bit mansion/house, big Yatch, Helicopter or a private Jet. Thoses prices needs be around 50M - 80M or more to be worth it.

Cuz is a Challenge to want the more rare or expensive “items” that just a few can afford.

Some extra ideas:
Luxury Helicopter can work just like a Taxi for some points.
A big Yatch, can be just to walk around, like the casino on beta 5, but more custom-like name it.
Private Jet, can be used for restore happiness on a weekend vacations on a transition.

This is more like trophies for a game after all.

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I am guessing that the options for big mansion/home would be part of the building DLC, but that’s just a guess. Private jet/yacht would be interesting, for end-game luxury - I think these might even be more connected to your other post about wealth and retirement, but either way, they are cool ideas.

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