Better management and more events

Hi guys,

First of all, thank you for your amazing job on this sandbox game. Its really a pleasure to play your game.

About me, i played 30h until the mission when you have to reach 50Mo. Im a big player of management game and i strongly feel your game could be much better on this part.

1rst thing : More control on selling

  • On your game, you have some % on each shop : about traffic index, marketing, satisfaction of customers. But if I have 50% of traffic index, its 50% of what ??? As players, we have no idea how many customizers would come in our new shop, cause the % means nothing for us.
    For example, i opened a small jewelry shop in Murray Hill. When i put some expensive jewelry in order to sell, it was impossible to sell only one. And I had no way to find it out. Even if i got 100% in every possible stats of my shop…

→ I think we need more informations about possible customers in every district. For example : in garment district, there are 2000 possible customers who could buy … burgers. My shop has 50% of traffix index and there are 4 others fast food, so i could hope for 200 possible customers at the beginning, then maybe i would steal some customers from others shops.Like that, I have an idea of how many burgers in could sell.

2nd thing : Competitiveness with others companies

  • I was really amazed to see companies opening shops in a street, or shut down. We really believe in the world you created cause of that. But i just feel its a waste. Yes campanies open or shut down shops. But for what ? We have no idea how many shops a company own. And so, there is no competitiveness. It could be really cool to have more information about others companies, how many shops they own, how much they earn,… Like that we could planify which one we are gonna buy and how to be the king of N-Y. And for that, it could be cool to meet another NPC who could steal information from campany for us.

And finally, 3rd thing : Story and events

  • During the story, i felt… sorry to see this beautiful sandbox world and just have some message of my uncle. Why i couldnt meet him in a fast food or a bar ? Why did I not meet any NPC in this world ?
    I mean it could be so fun to meet an antagonist, like the guy who own most of the shops, and we would try to shut him down by being a bigger company. It could be so fun to meet some NPC in the city, who would let us know some informations about companies, about shops, or just some tips. We want to explore your sandbox game, but its seems there is nothing to find out… Right now your story is just a tutorial and i feel your sandbox world is not really totally use at it could be.

Bonus : I feel the stats of delivery driver and purchasing agent are pretty useless. It could be useful if sellable products could have some quality. A good purchasing agent could have sellable products at 70-100% quality, then it could be destroy if the delivery driver is not good enough. And better the quality the product is, higher the product could be sell !

Thank you for reading me and I m waiting for the 1.0 :wink:

edit : maybe my 1rst point is called “Revised Customer satisfaction calculations” in your roadmap, and my 2nd point is : Rival organizations/companies. But i hope it would give you some ideas :wink:

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The higher the purchasing agent skill level, the lowest you’ll pay for you products!
And you can’t make the delivery driver drive the big truck if he is not skilled enough

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Okay, I thought the price was just changing cause of the market.

Thank you for your answer :wink:

I have to say that your opinion is exactly the same as what I thought in my mind, but I don’t know whether the developers will do as you want