Better logistics management


I currently have only 5 stores selling various types (like gifts, jewellery, flowers, wine, cigarettes). For me it’s really hard to remember the “lot sizes” or how many shelves of different type i have in different shops. I mean Cigar takes 900 items, jewellery 50. If I have 3 shelves of both I need to have a minimum inventory of 2700 Cigars and 150 jewelleries… or did I have 2 of those shelves in one of the stores? Then my 4 other stores might have 1 shelf and 2 shelves, so guess the total should be um…?

Don’t think the aim of the game should be totaling a lot of figures together/running a separate spreadsheet somewhere, how about feature “Keep my store shelves atleast X % filled” where X can be inputed by the player . The purchasing contract should also be linked to this value, so I would get from the importer so many cigars that my shelves are 75% filled in every store with the delivery.

I don’t think that would solve your issue of not remembering how big the store is - in fact I think that would make it worse. Stores could sell a dozen items, each one selling at different rates. One items might need a bunch of extras to restock while some items might not even sell one full display case, so trying to figure out exactly what percentage of space each item needs seems less precise than having the store fill up to a specific number.

Add as many shelves as you can fit reasonably. My wine/cigar store has like 14 in it for a 30 or 40 capacity. You can stock them as close together as possible and still access them, so you don’t need to worry about leaving space to walk through if you can find a good corner to stack them in.