Better Interactive Jobs/Competition adjustments

I’ve seen a few posts on mini games etc, but what I’d like instead is making each Business more interactive.

Couple examples:

Opening up a small Video Game Studio and developing our own Video game, Expand into opening up more game studios, Server rooms etc. Expanding a small video game company into a major corporation.

Start up a small restaurant on the poor side of town and continue that same Franchise into a chain system where it continues to grow into more Luxury locations pretty much knocking out the competition without opening various Restaurants competing at each other.

These examples are the interactive features I’m after for this game with each Business.


One thing I’ve personally noticed in the game is Competition with other stores, id love to see other Franchises go out of business if mine or theirs is doing significantly worse. I opened up a liquor store right beside another one and it appears both of businesses seem to be thriving without issue. I’d love to see these adjusted so the best company wins.


This would be like how they did Startup Company, but in this world.

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