Beta 8 Love


  • Indoors feel nicely optimized. Some stores would have a lag spike before entering, and now things seem much more fluid when going between inside/outside
  • New Autosave updates are great. Sometimes you do a ton of work in one day, so an IRL time-based autosave makes more sense than in-game midnight.
  • New Car UI is much cleaner and less intrusive while driving - you can actually reverse now and see where you’re going. I like that the sleep icon appears only when you can sleep.
  • MyEmployees mass actions - freaking love it. Removes that 17:00 dread when dozens of employees finish training, and you have to manually click each one of them!
  • Run Indoors by default… yes. Love the new option, although I’m having to retrain my brain not to hit shift when going inside.
  • Watching TV now adds happiness. There are now enough features that you are not required to make a trip to the park every couple days!!

New Stuff

  • Negative interest rate definitely helps encourage you to invest or buy things and not let that money sit in the bank account idly doing nothing!
  • Employee Uniforms are nice. Love that you can make one default and assign it to everyone, or all of a certain store, etc. Really helps set the customers and employees apart in both your stores and the AI stores.
  • You can now relocate the spawn position of the handtruck so you’re not limited on how you can build your store - sometimes it really got in the way of storage shelves!
  • The new marketing / promotion set up seems more straightforward, although it takes more clicking overall. But keep in mind, you’ll need to restart all your marketing now with the new system, plus you’ll have to creative mix-and-match different campaigns together for maximum efficiency!
  • Warehouses now get rented by AI - this was always weird that you never had to fight for a warehouse and could easily own all of them. This now adds another layer of realism and competition for property!
  • New Animations:
    • One-handed basket holding looks more natural
    • Overall, AI seems to be more alive with different movements
    • You now appear “Exhausted”, which looks good and should help people that wonder “why can’t I run”
  • New Items:
    • Anselmo AF90 - drives fast but doesn’t like to turn.
    • Vord Tiara Vic - 12 cargo spots!!
    • Cupcakes! Make sure you cancel and restart your import partnerships with SeaSide International to get access to importing Cupcakes for your Coffee/whatever stores.
    • The new Booths look great, and now I want to create a full fine-dining experience!
    • All the new plants allow you to create a nice jungle on your balcony!
    • New fancy computer gaming system looks cool and gives bonus happiness, and I want one for real :smiley:


  • Overall UI keeps getting better - more options, better navigation, bug fixing, etc. Great job!
  • Desk 1 can now be set up next to each other without a big gap, nice!
  • You can now get in your vehicle, even if the door is blocked by something!
  • Objective Alerts have the little “destination” icon now, which is great, plus there are a few more objectives in general for clarity.
  • The universal volume knob is nice as well (on the bizphone now)
  • New Controller layout/customization is great
  • I like the “full” Econoview history - especially when you have a lot of businesses, it’s easy to miss a pop-up. Data is always useful for optimizing your businesses!
  • Interior Designer now costs money, but that makes sense for the RP, since you would be paying for upgrades.
  • Within the Interior Designer, you can now change your furniture color, which is fun for really customizing your rooms.
  • The objective “Pointer Hint” icons make sure it’s very obvious how to access each item. Hopefully that helps new users even more now

There was our monthly motivation injection :muscle: Thanks David, as always really appreciate these posts!

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These new features sounds great!

Is there already a release date or even a possibility to get acces to beta 8?

I can’t wait to start trying it out!! :smiley:

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It is out for gold members now and should be out for everyone within a few days!
Hope you enjoy the updates too!

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Cool. Can someone explain how the HR manager works?
I hired a few ned staff, customer service and cleaning.
Put them on auto training with this HR manager before putting them in the store.
Set in to finish when it hits 90%.

But something feels off.
Normally the satisfaction stays at about 50% until finished training.
But with the HR manager it doesn’t.
Say that I need to train the staff for 6-7 days before I can put them in the store.
They will have 0% satisfaction before the training is finished and before I can use them
For me the HR manager just feels useless.
Something I’m missing here?

Is the HR manager only supposed to train already employed staff?
If so, that also kind of makes it kind off useless.
Why would I hire someone with 30% service just to get annoyed customers?
There must be something I do not get here.

Hello. Training manually and training with the HR manager work completely differently.

When you manually train them, they aren’t assigned to the business and are only training. They go up 10% skill per day, and don’t lose any satisfaction. When you train with HR, they stay assigned to the business and keep working. They go up 2% skill each day, and their demands need to be met or else they will lose satisfaction.

Usually, I manually train Customer Service employees to about 90% before I assign them to their job, and then use HR to push them to 100% while they are working. However, I don’t manually train cleaning employees at all, and I let HR do that slowly while the cleaners are already working.

In addition to providing training while employees still work, HR can also provide replacement employees if an employee gets sick, so you don’t have to worry about a position being left empty - which can be a real pain when you have a few dozen businesses. HR can also automatically schedule your employees, which is amazingly helpful for a 50-desk office business!

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Is there coming a load button in the future?
Now I have to save the game right before my recruitment company calls.
And then have to quit the game like 30 times before I get an employer I can use.

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Not sure what you’re asking - because there is a load button on the main menu. That’s how you load the saved games.

The best thing to do for recruitment is request more than one person, so then you have choices. I usually just request 10 employees at once and pick from there.