Beta 7 Love

Time to drop some love for Beta 7!

Major love - Two things that have been really bugging a few of us have been fixed:

  • Drop down menus. You can now type to search instead of having to scroll through randomly sorted names. This is super amazing with over 100 businesses!!
    • “Shift ends at” is another awesome UI update for when you’re at the register
  • Min Order amount from Purchasing Agents! Yes - you no longer have to do the daily math to see how much to order!!


  • Love the new high-contrast roads/textures. Everything reads much better to me, visually
  • Love sleeping for Hours / Minutes. I used to set for the following hour and try to “cancel” at the right time. This is much better.
  • Donuts :slight_smile:
  • Many of the customize Logo issues seem to be fixed as well!

New in Beta 7:

  • Luxurious TV/Speaker look nice in my apartment - excited to use them for relaxing and watching TV in the next beta!
  • Gaming PC / Play videogames is perfect for gaining happiness and killing time from the convenience of home! Two issues:
    • One: the time slider doesn’t currently have hours and minutes like the other sliders (bed, car, bench) do.
    • Two: The character is not playing “Startup Company”
  • Character/clothing - Definitely an improvement. Obviously, this is just the first pass, so the options are limited, but I like the new character creator, and the muscle/weight options. Once this expands with more looks, clothes, etc., it will be amazing.
  • Customer AI - They sit down now and interact with the environment more. Helps things feel more alive. They seem to stand in line more intelligently instead of wandering around to the stocking shelves and asking where the cashier is. Previously, at Coffee/Fast food shops, you would order, then suddenly 10 customers would be in front of you…this is all fixed!
  • Customizable queue - First up, “where do I find this?”. Go inside your store, click on “Interior Design”, then right click your register - definitely not clear on how to find it. You’ll be able to drag a line of where the customers will queue. I’m not sure what I thought this was going to be - probably something physical to corral the customers into this new line - but this is still nice to make the customers form a line that makes sense for your store.
  • Aside from a few formatting clarifications, the new investment system seems good. I invested some money, and then pulled it out early. Still got a profit. I like that there is some risk in the bigger investments as well. Nothing should be free money (except clothing stores)
  • I don’t have a steam deck, nor do I use a controller on the PC, but it’s definitely taking some getting used to not being able to use WASD while walking (even though you do use it while driving still).
    Several of the hotkeys didn’t work now, but the whole movement system was redone, so I expect a few minor things that might have already been fixed before I posted this (already fixed).
  • Sleep quality - hard to see this value in action. I tried sleeping in a small bed, big bed, car, bench, nothing really seemed to indicate quality.
  • The building that appears to be the super luxurious apartment has been occupied every day so I can’t test it yet…I guess I need to save a quick $1.3 billion so I can buy the building and evict them :smiley:
  • Mercedes AMG - I like it. Might be a new favorite car in game.
  • Car volume control is nice - no longer need to use the computer’s mixer :slight_smile:

I’m really loving these posts :smiley: Thanks for keeping us motivated and showing that all our small changes actually get noticed!