Beta 5 feedback

So, I missed betas 3 & 4 but played 5 since the weekend. Here is my feedback:

  • The game is a lot more polished. Well done.

  • The game now flows quite nicely from starting your first shop to the point where you have a warehouse supplying a few shops.

  • Please provide a better explanation of Marketing & Happiness. I make more profit when I do no marketing at all I tried a little marketing (20%) up to full marketing (100%), but my profit is still more with no marketing.

The same for happiness. I only know of going to the park every 2nd day to get the buff. That plus keeping the company in the green. Are there other ways to attain happiness?

  • More warehouses with 2 bays. The warehouse with two slots works better. So more of them would be nice.

Marketing will only help if your store is not already reaching its maximum hourly customer. If you can have a maximum of 30 customers per hour and you’re already getting that without marketing, then marketing will just be a waste of money.

However, if you’re not reaching your full potential of hourly customers, then marketing will definitely help. I mostly use marketing for offices (lawyers/programmers), and just try to get retail locations with really high traffic so they never need any marketing.

If you hit “F1” in the game, the help menu will come up, and it explains a bit more about happiness.

However, a few ways to increase happiness: be profitable, sleep on a park bench for 1 hour, go gambling on the casino, and complete persona goals.

A few things to avoid: sleeping in your car, being homeless, staying in your apartment all day, and being hungry.

True, the double-wides are much better, although by the time you use all 8 of the current 2-bay warehouses with freight trucks, you are already serving 64 retail businesses, which starts to get tedious with the current drop-down menus.

Maybe the system should be upgraded beyond that point - like an upgraded logistics manager that can handle up to “100” locations as long as you have enough drivers, but they don’t need to be assigned to a specific warehouse.


I am going to try this again. I will track my number of users pre/post the use of marketing. I am pretty sure that I did not hit my customer cap (if that is the name) even with 100% capacity.

That is actually something that I picked up on. My company only got about 3 customers per hour for my programmers. I am going to run my marketing campaign for a while and see if I can get them to improve

Good idea. I am not sure what the end game will be like. It kind of feels missing at the moment. There is a good early & mid-game, but then you kind of get stuck on the mid-game. How do I go from millionaire to billionaire? How do I become the next Bill Gates/Elon Musk, etc? Hopefully, they can get enough early sales so that they can build another level (end game). Either way, I still like the improvements made to this beta.


100% agree about the end game. I know Jonas has teased a couple little things, but until then…

The Casino adds a nice weekly thing to do, but the rest of the week is mostly spent just waiting for days to pass. The GUI layout isn’t optimal for 50+ businesses at the moment either, so that can become tedious. However, the early to mid-game is so much fun - I’ve restarted at least a few times with each alpha/beta release!

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