Beta 4 release date

Hi Community,
I am puzzled if the beta 4 has been released on steam?
I saw many posts these days about new features on beta 4 but I have not got any upgrades ?

thanks if you could let me know when is the official release date

The official Beta 4 is not out yet but should be within a few days. “Gold Supporters” were able to access the “unstable” version of it for the last few days for early bug testing.

Hi Thank you for your informative reply.
I did purchase a gold version of the game, not sure why I did not receive the update. But I guess I will wait for now.
enjoy your gaming!

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No problem. And just so you know - the information about accessing the “unstable beta” is on the Discord channel. Once you’re on there, make sure you send a screenshot of your gold purchase email to one of the staff to get your “gold supporter” role on Discord, which allows you to see the channel with the extra information!

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Keep in mind the unreleased versions aren’t going to be as stable. Beta 4 is pretty good now but if you’re impatient with bugs then sticking with stable release’s might be something to consider