Beta 3: Build 890 hotfix

Beta 3 (Build 890) is now up on Steam!


  • Added “demo” text to demo barriers
  • Added building area and customer capacity to building resume (and some fancy new icons)
  • Changed tutorial objective to require buying 3x fresh food
  • Fixed customers saying “Where are the cashiers?” when entering a business with cashiers
  • Fixed localization not working on Linux
  • Fixed moving items from handtruck to car duplicates last item
  • Fixed WASD not working after clicking some UI elements
  • Fixed can’t open Import Export business contact
  • Fixed despawned pedestrians causing AI vehicles to drive in circles
  • Fixed timemachine was not stopped when player got removed from EmployeeStation
  • Fixed skybox showing in Building Preview
  • Fixed Building Preview not working when inside vehicles
  • Fixed destination icons not using correct icons/colors
  • Fixed notification error and info sound were switched
  • Fixed parking lanes generating cars outside of bounds
  • Fixed Graphic Settings in options not updating until reloading the game
  • Fixed many localization errors
  • Fixed issue causing AI vehicles to crash while using fast-forward feature